Sustainable Environment through the Arts & Sciences

As climate crises grow and continue to impact Earth’s citizens in ways both immediate and long term, thoughtful redesign of human-enabled systems become vital to survival. Comprised of environmental scientists and artists, S E A S explores creative paths to spark reform of how we understand and treat our home.


Awaken widespread awareness of and sensitivity to human impact on particular organisms, communities, and ecosystems, on both local and global scales. Serve as a creative intersection for scientists, artists, and local communities to learn, communicate, collaborate, and innovate towards sustainability.

What we do

Craft immersive and educational experiences that explore the nature of ecological relationships and human practices as supported by current scientific and field research. These include interactive lecture-performances, discussion panels with scientific experts, short films, and volunteer opportunities in collaboration with wildlife conservation organizations.

S E A S works collaboratively. The whole team—scientists, writers, composers, choreographers, performers, and filmmakers—workshops every project together, shaping each work into its rich, final form.

Published Works

RISE, AWAKEN in the mysterious realm of birds. Step in their skins, and take flight in their present-day lives. What do you encounter that wasn’t in your life as a human? Can you face the world as it is, and how do you, as a bird, survive?

ISOSTASY explores the interactions between weight, motion, and change in the Earth’s system—specifically, melting glaciers and sea level rise resulting from global warming.


Founded in 2015, S E A S began as an exploration between friends and colleagues in New York City seeking to deepen their own connection to and understanding of nature, climate change, and human impact. Realizing a vast disconnect between what is felt and what can be understood from reading about climate change and published data, the troupe decided to give voice to the planet through by realizing its stories through the communicative power of the arts.

S E A S has been featured live at Carnegie Hall, Caroga Lake Inter-Arts Symposium, Consulat général de France à New York, Heritage Space, Louis K. Meisel Gallery, The New School, and Yamaha Artists Services, Inc., and presented with the Alsop Entrepreneurship and Father Merlet Awards for their innovative work. Collaborations have included ‘Chasing Coral’’s Zackery Rago, MyHil Film Series’s Kyle Price, Asian American Arts Alliance, Mass Audubon, New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, North Shore Community Land Trust’s Alice Terry, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


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A special thank you to Pro Musicis, The New School, Yamaha Artists Services New York, Marin Alsop, Wei-Lin Chang, Stefania Bulbarella, Normal Deull, Shimon Dotan, Hope Dougherty, Stanislav Fridman, Casey Hess, Jacob Janssen, Eliza Lanham Jones, Cindy Lin, Ilia Lebedev, Qing Qing Miao, Lara Saldanha, Benjamin Simoens, J.Y. Song, and Miranda Quinn for your generosity and support in bringing S E A S to fruition.

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