SEAS: Sustainable Environment through the Arts & Sciences

Upcoming event: SEAS: Plastics, Coral, Ice, and Earth

at the Yamaha Artist Services, New York
Apr 11, 2018, 7:00 PM.

Climate change and environmental sustainability are rapidly snowballing global concerns, still poorly understood, inadequately addressed. Recognizing the problem as arising from (mis)communication, and driven to bring these issues to public attention, Juliann began searching for creative new languages to spark reform of how we understand and treat our planet.

A melting pot of eclectic talents, SEAS unites artists and scientists in creating unique performing arts immersions translating environmental research into tangible, visceral experiences, awakening audiences to the impact we have on nature.

SEAS seeks to challenge and diversify traditional audiences, roles, and settings of classical music, contemporary dance, and scientific research, serving as an innovative platform for professionals and audiences to interact and share ideas across often-segregated fields that would benefit through collaboration.

SEAS Presents: Plastics, Coral, Ice & Earth

Wednesday, April 11, 7 pm, the Yamaha Artist Services, New York. RSVP here

We at the SEAS project invite you to join us at New York’s Yamaha Artist Services for an interactive concert and open discussion of our responsibilities in the face of a changing climate, and our common aspiration to manage human impact on our environment, and to achieve sustainability.

‘Plastic, Coral, Ice & Earth’ bring together leaders from diverse fields including music, dance, film, science, and education to join the audience in an open discussion of of our shared responsibility to better our environment.

Given the limited reach of scientific publication, and the polarizing nature of the topic, communicating the subtle gravitas of climate change is notoriously challenging. SEAS attempts instead to communicate this global issue as a visceral, emotional message via its unique collaboration. We distill the scientific argument into an accessible message expressed as a performance, tangibly felt and easily shared.

The event will feature live performances of music and choreography inspired by recent environmental observations, including two world premieres: a story of plastics in the ocean, and of disappearing ice. Also featured are musical classics reinterpreted as calls to save coral reefs, seabirds, and address other stresses on our planet.

Each performance will be introduced by the artists and Jared Brewer (PhD candidate in Atmospheric Science, CSU; NOAA), who will also lead a Q&A session to reinforce, and discuss the goals and messaging of SEAS.

SEAS will also present our debut music video, and discuss the storied history of the formation of our artistic collective. The event will be filmed and edited into a mini-documentary, in the hopes that it may inspire action beyond the guests of the the event.

Please join us on April 11, at 7pm, and bring an open mind and a desire to do good. Entry is free and open to all, but you are encouraged to support our work via a donation. This event, and our continued collaboration is made possible by generous support from our sponsors.


Rise, Awaken

In their debut music video, SEAS draws us into the world of birds. The artists step into the skins of a species endangered by our continued exploitation of our environment and are transported instantly into their realm, fraught with hunger, disease, plastics, pollution, deforestation, fires, and oil spills. Trapped in bird bodies, the artists undergo a transformation, until the human spirit and bird are one, suffering and diminishing together.

It is Juliann’s hope that these works will stir audiences to take an active role in safeguarding the home they share with all life on Earth through mindful lifestyle practices (e.g. responsible recycling, composting, disposing, keeping up to date on environmental news, research, and policy), outreach, education, support for sustainable energy and conservation efforts.


SEAS features their first major production April 11th, 2018, at 7 P.M. at Yamaha Artist Services New York, located in the heart of midtown Manhattan on Fifth Avenue and E 54th Street. This will be a 1 1/2 hour event, including 2 world premieres of all-new musical compositions and choreography, highlighting 3 global concerns centering on the ocean: disappearing coral reefs, disappearing ice, and the pervasiveness and hazards of plastic. An open discussion panel will be led by the team’s environmental consultant, Jared Brewer, NOAA, PhD candidate, Colorado State University.

Previously, SEAS presented their first Open Workshop in May of 2016, in which they tested and built upon their choreography live in an interactive demo + discussion workshop with the audience. In November the same year, SEAS, gave its world premiere performance of Ravel’s complete Miroirs suite as part of Mannes Sounds Festival: Mirrors of Nature, curated by J.Y. Song.

This past November, SEAS featured a live performance of ‘Rise, Awaken’ choreographed uniquely for Juliann Ma’s solo debut at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall RSVP here.


SEAS is made possible in part thanks to the Marin Alsop Entrepreneurship Award and Father Merlet Grant. SEAS salutes Maestro Marin Alsop (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra), Ms. Norma Deull, and Pro Musicis Foundation for their support through these grants, and to Mannes: The New School for Music and Yamaha Artist Services Inc. for generous extension of their resources and filming locations.

If you would like to support SEAS directly, please consider donating to our cause.

SEAS thanks also the following individuals for their donated consultation, contributions, and general support: Stefania Bulbarella, Shimon Dotan, Hope Dougherty, Stanislav Fridman, John Haag, Casey Hess, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Ilia Lebedev, Qing Qing Miao, Aaron Ross, Lara Saldanha, Benjamin Simoens, J.Y. Song, and James Waldo.

To support, partner with, or find out how you may join or feature SEAS, contact Juliann Ma .

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