Classic Sounds

Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue

J.S. Bach, Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue BWV 903 (2016)

A taste of Carnaval

Robert Schumann, Carnaval Op. 9, selections (2015)

Une barque sur l’océan

Maurice Ravel, Miroirs: Une barque sur l’océan (2016)

Original Storytelling

SEAS: Sustainable Environment through the Arts & Sciences

Sustainable Environment through the Arts and Sciences initiative awakens the world to the global climate crisis through creative interface between art, community, education, environment, and research. Led by Ma, the team molds immersive experiences that relay stories from around the world, through the eyes of those impacted. ‘Rise, Awaken’ with S E A S…

Peanuts Gallery

Peanuts Gallery Piano Concerto: From Ellen Taaffe Zwilich’s music spring Charles M. Schulz’s beloved characters, in a series of hilarious and poignant events. Original arrangement, with improvisation by entire cast. Written and directed by Juliann Ma (2016)


Robert Schumann, Carnaval Op. 9, selections with dance, improvised by Juilliard colleagues, based on stories by Juliann Ma (2015)


Improv on 4 notes

The Last Word Quartet: Free improv on 4 notes (2014)

Improv with Chrysanthe Tan

Free improv poetry with Chrysanthe Tan (2015)

World Music

Stand Steady

Dedicated to all essential workers and you! May it bring you joy and resolve to stand steady during this unprecedented time. Original celtic song by Alex Sturbaum. Collaboration directed by Jonathan Werk. (2020)


Interdisciplinary performance inspired by Sandeep Das’s melody: ‘Mohini’. Arranged, improvised upon, and performed by Sandeep Das and Tirakitataka (2017)

Russian Sher in A

Klezmer tune, directed by Hankus Netsky, performed by Happy Donkeys Band, featuring Silk Road Global Musician Workshop (2017).

Today’s Composers

Sur Un Même Accord

Henri Dutilleux, Prélude 2: Sur un même accord (2015)

Trio Op. 4

Composer: Alexander Liebermann” (2014)
Performed by Onadek Winan (soprano) and Juliann Ma (piano)

Rondeaux Op. 3

Composer: Alexander Liebermann” (2013)
Performed by Ani Bukujian (violin), Madeleine Bouïssou (cello), and Juliann Ma (piano)

Echos dans la vallée

Composer: Édith Lejet (2012)
Performed by Wen-Jing Yeh (clarinet), Kumiko Wada (violin), and Juliann Ma (piano)

Blast from the Past


Juliann Ma plays J.S. Bach’s E flat and G Major Marches.


Juliann Ma plays J.S. Bach’s Piano Concerto in F Minor.


Rachmaninoff, Piano Concerto No. 2
I. Moderato.
Music Teachers Association of California State Piano Concerto Competition Finals