SEAS: Sustainable Environment through the Arts & Sciences

Understanding climate change and environmental sustainability as global concerns and yet difficult subjects to broach, Juliann began her search for new languages to spark conversation between unlikely collaborators to address these issues together; thus, SEAS was born.

A melting pot of eclectic talents, SEAS unites artists and scientists in creating visceral, unique performing arts experiences that immerse audiences and themselves in the story of human’s impact on nature. Its mission: to humanize scientific data and make the unfathomable come alive to our senses, in live performance and on screen.SEAS seeks also to challenge and open up traditional roles, settings, and audiences of classical music, contemporary dance, and scientific research publications, providing an innovative platform for professionals in such fields to come into contact with and affect each other’s work on equal footing, develop appreciation for and share ideas across these fields so often segregated from one another.

Rise, Awaken

Fusing prose, music, and dance into a seamless medium, SEAS draws us into the world of birds in their debut music video, Rise, Awaken. The artists step into the skins of a species endangered by our continued exploitation of our environment, and are transported instantly to their realm, fraught with manifestations of that exploitation. Trapped in bird bodies, the artists undergo a transformation, until the human spirit and bird are one, suffering and diminishing together. It is Juliann’s hope that these works will awaken audiences to care for the home they share with all life on Earth, and take an active role in safeguarding it for the future via outreach, education, and other support for conservation efforts.


SEAS will be featured in a special live segment in Juliann’s solo debut at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall November 9th. Seating is limited; please RSVP here.

Previously, SEAS presented their first Open Workshop May of 2016, testing and building upon their choreography live in an interactive demonstration and discussion workshop with the audience. In November the same year, SEAS, gave its world premiere performances of Ravel’s complete Miroirs suite as part of Mannes Sounds Festival: Mirrors of Nature, curated by J.Y. Song.


Rise, Awaken was made possible in part thanks to the Marin Alsop Entrepreneurship Award and Father Merlet Grant. SEAS salutes Maestro Marin Alsop (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra), Norma Deull, and Pro Musicis Foundation for their support through these grants, and to Mannes: The New School for Music and Yamaha Artist Services Inc. for generous extension of their resources.

SEAS thanks also the following individuals for their donated consultation, contributions, and support: Stefania Bulbarella, Shimon Dotan, Hope Dougherty, Stanislav Fridman, John Haag, Casey Hess, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Ilia Lebedev, Qing Qing Miao, Aaron Ross, Lara Saldanha, Benjamin Simoens, and J.Y. Song.


Jared Brewer,    Kara Chan,    Angela Falk,    Peter Farrow,    Eliza (Lanham) Jones,    SooA Kim,    Juliann Ma,    Jesse Obremski,    Miranda “Quinn” Wienecke,    Thomas Woodman

To support or find out how you may join SEAS,contact Juliann Ma .

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